Quitting Smoking Can Reduce Risk of Age 50 Stroke

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Quitting Smoking Can Reduce Risk of Age 50 Stroke

Quitting Smoking Can Reduce Age 50 Resko Stroke - Smoking greatly tends liked by everyone, especially for the men, despite the danger to the health side effects but why are cigarettes still like in consumption?

People who have tried cigarettes and feel comfortable with cigarettes because can relieve stress, it was a sign of those who were already addicted the smoker. whether we smoking not be healthy?
Quitting Smoking Can Reduce Risk of Age 50 Stroke
It's never too late for a good thing. So is the habit of smoking. Even if a person stopped smoking after the age of 50 years, he could still feel the health benefits.

Stop Smoking Age 50

Recent research shows that quitting smoking after age 50 lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack by 40 percent. It was discovered after researchers conducted observations of the German 9,000 people aged 50-74 years for 10 years.

Researchers at the German Cancer Research Center were able to show that smokers have an increased risk of heart disease by up to two-fold compared with people who do not smoke. However, people who quit smoking have a risk similar to people who do not smoke.

"We also found that smokers are already feeling the negative effects of smoking from an early age, when compared with people who do not smoke or have quit smoking," said the researchers, as reported by the Daily Mail (22/02).

This study also shows that it was never too late to quit smoking. If you want to live a healthy, quit smoking now.
Make my friends are healthy at age 50 years pngen read nie Quit Smoking Can Reduce Risk of Age 50 Stroke.